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Project credits:
Project leader: Noemi Tojzan
Additional programming: Sandor Tojzan
Program icon designed by: Andor Toth

This program relies on the GraphicEx image loader library by Mike Lischke
Visit GraphicEx official website
This program also uses some features of ImageFileLib by Michael Vinther.
Visit ImageFileLib official website
The JPEG2000 and RAS fileformats are supported using the JasPer library by Michael David Adams.
Visit JasPerLib official website
The GIF fileformat is supported via TGIFImage written by: Anders Melander
TGIFImage Ported to Delphi 7 by: Finn Tolderlund
Visit his website
Project hosted by:

Download current version of OpenSeeIt from the Sourceforge project page

Technical information

Current version:

Notes about program version numbers:

The version number uses the following pattern: a.b.c.d
The (a) value is the version of the program. When all original goals are achieved, this number will become 1, and new goals will be set.
The (b) value is the number of added supported image format extension since the last finished program version.
The (c) value is the number of added features since the last finished program version
The (d) value is the number of bugfixes or optimizations since the last finished program version
When the program version (a) is increased, the values (b),(c) and (d) are reset to 0.

Supported image format extension:

BMP - Windows BitMaps
BW - SGI Black/White Images
CEL - AutoDesk Images
CUT - Dr. Halo Images
DIB - Device Independent Bitmaps
EMF - Windows Enhanced Meta Files
EPS - Encapsulated PostScript Images
FAX - GFI Fax Images
GIF - Compuserve GIF Images
HIP - PC HIPS Images
HIPS - Macintosh HIPS Images
ICB - Truevision Images
ICO - Windows Icons
JP2 - JPEG 2000 Images
JPC - JPEG 2000 Images
MNG - Multiple Image Network Graphics
PBM - Portable BitMap Images
PCC - ZSoft Paintbrush Images
PCD - Kodak Photo-CD Images
PCX - Zsoft PaintBrush Images
PDD - Photoshop Images
PGM - Portable GrayMap Images
PIC - AutoDesk Images
PNG - Portable Network Graphics
PNM - Portable BitMap
PPM - Portable Pixel Map Images
PSD - Potoshop Images
PSP - PaintShop Pro Images
RAS - Sun Rasterfile
RGB - SGI True Color Images
RGBA - SGI True Color Images With Alpha
RLA - Alias/Wavefront Images
RLE - Run Length Encoded Windows BitMaps
RPF - Alias/Wavefront Images
SCR - Word 5.x Screen Capture Images
SGI - SGI True Color Images
TGA - Truevision Images
TIF - PC TIFF Images
TIFF - Macintosh TIFF Images
VDA - Truevision Images
VST - Truevision Images
WIN - Truevision Images
WMF - Windows MetaFiles

Finished program features:

File menu extensions:
Open - Opens an image.
Close - Closes the opened image and releases allocated memory.
Exit - Exits the program.
Options menu extensions:
File associations - The program will become the default tool for the selected items.
View menu extensions:
Zoom - Let's you to choose the image zoom level from 25% to 400% or to fit the program window.
Keep zoom factor - The next image will use the current zoom factor if selected.
Enlarge to fit - If this option is selected the images smaller than the view area will be increased to fit.
Shrink to fit - If this option is selected the images larger than the view area will be decreased to fit.
Keep aspect ratio - If this option is checked the images will maintain their original aspect ratio when the 'zoom to fit' option is selected. If unchecked, the images will fit the display window and lost the original aspect ratio.
Browser mode - If checked this option enables a small browser to the user for quick image browsing.
Fullscreen mode - This option displays the images in fullscreen, hiding menus, taskbar, etc.

TODO list

File menu:
Save as - The user will be able to save the image in any of supported file formats.
Print - Printer support.
Edit menu:
Undo/Redo/Cancel all changes
Options menu:
Remember program state on exit - The program will remember window position, mode, etc on exit if checked.
Save program state now - Allows the user to save the program state in ideal conditions.
Slideshow options:
Start slideshow (play)
Play once
Repeat forever
PingPong play
Set slideshow delay
Filters menu:
Rotate to left/right - rotates the image for 90 degrees in the specified direction.
Rotate 180 - rotates the image by 180 degress.
Horizontal/Vertical mirror - flips the image over X or Y axis.
Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/Levels - image dynamics adjusments.
Additional filters: blur, sharpen and resize.
Help menu:
Help and about - both in .html format
Adding a toolbar and a statusbar to the main program window.
For any questions regarding the project: Contact the author.